In this second part I will show some photographs from our work in the vineyards. I also will tell you how we are producing Natural Wine.

Just as a reminder: Our plan is to make Natural Wine with onlyx little investment, with a simple workprocess and witout need for high level industrial and chemical knowledge. We are producing 5000 – 6000 bottles of wine every year, sufficient a normal income for a family of 6 person. And very important, we try to save a number of rare Anatolian grapes which are on the edge of extinction.



On the northwestern and northern side of Hasan Dag are the grrape gardens of some villagers. Nearly every familiy ownes between 3 and 7 dönüm (1 dönüm =0,1 ha). Here I found up to 8 different grapes per garden , mostly Bulut, Dimrit, Kayseri Karasi, Sehir Alasi, Inek Memesi, Cavus, Keten Gömlek, amd less common Kizil Üzüm, Koku Üzüm, Tas Üzüm, and It Üzüm. Many of those grapes are used for the production of pekmez or for rasin, some are sold on the local market as tabel grapes, some others are used for making wine , vinegar and raki.

Because we are intereste  in saving rare grapes, we started to plant some of them in our grape garden. According to regional traditions vines are planted in a bush shape (Gobelet) in a distance of at least 1,5 meter between each other.


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